Alyssa Shock



Shockwave with Alyssa Shock

Every Wednesday 2:00PM - 4:00PM HD3

Alyssa Shock, the host of Shockwave is a psychology major at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Shockwave is the show on the WFDU HD3 channel that features current pop to oldies to country to even some classical. Examples of artists you may hear are Taylor Swift, Frank Sinatra, and Mozart.

This show features reports and commentary on interesting science news, current scams and computer security tips, strange trivia that makes you say, "wait what?" and weird news. About halfway through the show is time for riddles, and corny jokes are told.

Alyssa is currently working on a segment where questions will be posted on facebook, and the answers received would be read on air. Interesting fact - As a child, Alyssa used to think that Frank Sinatra was short for Franklin Sinatra. Of course, now she knows better but she will still joke around about it.

Alyssa enjoys sky diving and is eventually considering bungee jumping.

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